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SquidWeb updates 22.02.2022

New features and updates: Google template: add math expression inside enumeration  System alerts: added open document menu item on document sys alerts Mailbox: possible to attach .txt and .dat file to email message Projects: added confirmation digital sign Company settings: add attachments to email templates  Fixes: Invoices: fix that warnings can not be generated  Receipts: […]

SquidWeb updates 23.11.2021

New features and updates: Todo calendar: improved performance and show total of todos in column header  Emailmessage: block CTRL+Enter for 3 seconds after CTRL+V is pressed to avoid sending email after paste by mistake Mailbox: several improvements in side container  Person/Contract details: improved country/nationality selection by filtering country by different language (DE/EN/NL/ES)  App: show detailed […]

SquidWeb updates 16.11.2021

New features and updates: Vacancies: added vacancy type filter and additional vacancy details in grid  Activities: open social security registration from activity  Payrolls: improvement that bank transfers are only created for payrolls (not for payroll corrections) Vacancies: added html editor to vacancy editor Applications: improvements on GUI Payrolls: add Lohn and Kilometergelder in AT payroll […]

SquidWeb updates 09.11.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: add mailbox name as tab title when single mailbox is selected  Robots: set timezone for robots Tenant: copy container links/help from tenant  Projects: add email address, house number to DE accreditation report  Fixes: Vacancies: fix search triggered by input, fix tabindex in vacancy parameters Robots: set IDLoginParty when todo is […]

SquidWeb updates 04.11.2021

New features and updates: User settings: show email address in default mailbox  Projects: show icon when cm is registered in social security registration Documents: set ID of company is mandatory when requesting document Payroll: added ES A3 payroll export Payrolls: added End of contract calculation Payrolls: calculate vacation based on default rate Receipts: assign special […]

SquidWeb updates 26.10.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: add menu to forward attachment  Social Sec. Reg. : add upload of aviso .pdf file Projects: show icon when cm is registered in social security App: added planning crew item list page App: added improvements in planning calendar for clients Fixes: Company settings: fix upload of quote attachments file

SquidWeb updates 20.10.2021

New features and updates: ToDo calendar: improvements (overdue & upcoming todos) Mailbox: improvements in filter and GUI Fixes: Robots: fix the invoice created from templates that are already exported  Login: fix undefined undefined as person name  Forms: fix {{form}} variable and “nextWhenCorrect” while going back to already answered answer Person: show documented skills in all […]

SquidWeb updates 13.10.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: improvements in deluxe search GUI  Vacancy: show document types of category person in “Assigned document types” Tutorial: allow youtube video in full screen  App: create activity on crew pre-call, check-in and check-out  Todo calendar: added priority filter, improve user filter  Squid Menu: new sort order and grouping Mailbox: add filter […]

SquidWeb updates 06.10.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: added new template type “EmailSignaturePrivate” to set personal email signature Payrolls: added new AT payroll export Squid: use drag and drop to open squid tab in new browser tab Mailbox: improve mailbox search speed Document: added open contact details to document details container menu Activity: show toast when creating cross […]

SquidWeb updates 28.09.2021

New features and updates: Payrolls: added “Einmalzulagen” to payroll export  Mailbox: added concept of email templates (draft to template)  Payrolls: create banktransfer (optional) when uploading payroll document  Mailing list: subscribe to mailing list Signatory: save IP address of user when document is signed Social Security Registration: download registration and upload data from document Fixes: Today: […]