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SquidWeb updates 14.09.2021

New features and updates: Tenant: copy robots from tenant Mailbox: extract attachment from neutral format  Fixes Toast: fix the error that toast appear, cross tenant, when a project of the same number is opened  Tenant: fix error that prevent copy resource from production 

SquidWeb updates 07.09.2021

New features and updates: Account: update create creditor account method to start with 8 StaffContracts: add an option to send “Welcome Email” in row menu Items: added check if the item is in use in service order before deleting, replace item also in service order Fixes Projects: fix that rates/hours could be changed after pci […]

SquidWeb updates 24.08.2021

New features and updates: Applications: show the number of applications in status invited Applications: allow users to edit application details Invoices: added E-soft export Applications: add “all active” status filter  Mailbox: added project sort order, show begin and end date in project assignment  Mailbox: open contact by double click on contact/from  Company roles: added text […]

Covid-19 documentation request

A new tag has been added to SquidWeb to help track if a crew member is Covid-19 tested or vaccinated, the skill can be added to the crew member’s profile once they have submitted a valid vaccination certificated or negative test document. The can be requested from SquidWeb and the crew member can upload it […]

SquidWeb updates 10.08.2021

New features and updates: Projects: change status of crew to Confirmed when Confirmation is sent Mailbox: add email message in/out filter Container links: Tutorial type container link added Fixes Ratecards: fix that ratecard caption can not be renamed  Ratecards: fix that ratecard region can not be changed  Projects: fix that predefined email address in template […]

SquidWeb updates 03.08.2021

New features and updates: Project crew items: set status to ongoing on digital confirmation Projects: set project crews status to ‘confirmed’ when confirmation is sent  Service orders: show net/gross in grid  Sys alerts: merge login type/user filter Applications: add status “Decision”  Applications: show number of application in different status in footer  Applications: fix text filter […]

SquidWeb updates 27.07.2021

New features and updates: Robots/Mattermost: check max limit of characters and show error in robot error channel Quotes: remove status “Ongoing”  Birthday reminder robots for staff, crew and clients Fixes Activities: fix error on activities load when contact has no person Robots: fix robot action “invoice release send” to show correct status of sent email […]

SquidWeb updates 21.07.2021

New features and updates: Login: default company role is required Activity/Todo calendar: its possible to filter by login type/user groups  Mailbox: allow separate emails by ‘,’ and ‘;’ when sending emails  Payroll: split balance vacation in payroll export into different lexware account  Fixes Location: fixed that set pin can not be set Accounting: fixed that […]

SquidWeb updates 13.07.2021

New features and updates: Projects: added function to export accreditation report incl. photos of cm  Documents: show description in tooltip instead of in container  Emails: added archived filter to search archived emails  Quotes: possible to change status when quote is already released  Payrolls: added automatic break calculation AT/ES/GER  Fixes Payrolls: fixed wrong int h rate […]