SquidWeb updates 26.09.2023

New features and updates: Edit Receipt page logical part implementation Rename Payrolls_staffpool to Payroll, PayrollsPositions_staffpool to Item Rename Vacation to VacationAccount Add assign filter to mailbox roles list container Add receipt items mobile Link Project Calendar to google Add robot Output variables Rename Accreditation to PersonalDetails Improvements receipts mobile Add Robot details container to robot […]

SquidWeb updates 19.09.2023

New features and updates: Set Background color in Tenant settings for mobile app Change place of DHL pick up service in Squid  Company role assign filter andr ignore text filter Integrate feature list to side container and use to filter / select  Provide setting to team for messenger / mattermost Fixes: KPI of project crew […]

SquidWeb updates 12.09.2023

New features and updates: Enable german language for mobile app (specific client upon request ) ES – Payroll export -> A3 Spain export work calendar artlogic ES-Payroll Export_New Method A3 Spain Export adjustment to gross_Showpay When project Type = Vacation or sickness, the project should be showed as an internal project Add activity for download […]

SquidWeb updates 05.09.2023

New features and updates: Processing accountings from Ponto  Improve: HIRING: CONFIRMATION RECEIPT OF APPLICATION Rollout PlusCrew Update crew mobile roles Create PDF capture pdf Improve Email Appointment Improve template for Email Appointments Create activity when deleting project crew   Improvements to DHL shipping from Squid  Allow to use html signature in robot emails Fixes: Accepting invites […]

SquidWeb updates 29.08.2023

New features and updates: Show todos of deactivated persons on tody todo calendar  Mobile App: Show planning hours per month Improve Mobile App calander – not show items without status Mobile App: Improvement – Show planning hours per month Add sort order / Position to rate card item  Add bank account search on the backend […]

SquidWeb updates 22.08.2023

New features and updates: Connect Sparkasse with Ponto to get account information Added new MobileApp Background picture for login screen New Project – Do not show company on dialog if there is only 1 company in the tenant Improve Robot – application received  Create upload PDF option for receipts Improve find the best crew : […]

SquidWeb updates 15.08.2023

New features and updates: Add user right for find the best crew Adjusted Crew Planner, Planned Hours and Cleared Hours Rewrite project export modal Improve Crewplanner – historical data  Improvements assign spare – add message variable  Update user roles with export right for projects  Fixes: Fixed after update – shortname and branch are missing, by […]

SquidWeb updates 08.08.2023

New features and updates: ToDo external improvements Modify _Payroll export -> A3 Spain export work calendar Improve Assign Spare Add payable to crew sign off process in mobile app Add – Check In / Check Out on mobile app Unsafe Plugin for google docs – make it trusted Mailbox: save emailmessage as draft improvements Rate […]

SquidWeb updates 01.08.2023

New features and updates: ES-Robot timetable for Social Security registration in showpay and artlogic  Add ToDos external for projects  Plus crew Speed meter, apply target turnover for % Add Plus Crew Mobile Page Data Value Table ES-Modify MOD “Payrolls amount” artlogic – Method export A3 Spain export payroll Update redis version Create mobile Page Receipts […]

SquidWeb updates 25.07.2023

New features and updates: Plus crew improvements Rename Treffpunkte to Location Sparkasse neuwied moved to new version Fixes: Fixed error when creating DN Fixed accounting upload triggered twice Fixed sorting in planning calendar Fixed invoice layout bug Fixed Projects side panel, project emails filter 

SquidWeb updates 18.07.2023

New features and updates: Update robots action on frontend  Add paid / charged hours to PCI Improvments automate delivery note Add Spare update, after testing Update view payrolls Catering types table / fields Icon to show catering / contact on side is selected / exist Implement methods paid / charged hours Language select by user […]

SquidWeb updates 11.07.2023

New features and updates: Implement payable hour’s method  Fixes: Showpay Ltd: Cannot upload csv file FYRST Bank  Begin/end time is empty when pci is added to payroll BUG : Wrong Status / Hours Payroll – calculation Vacation for Saisonal does not work Fix query for get projects for add spare 

SquidWeb updates 04.07.2023

New features and updates: Improvements Average Payment / Average Hours Create project in mobile app – check and describe workflow  Check create/update crew request Improve footer of projects with additional values and change format  Improve Social Security Registration (DE) & Improve upload social security registration activity Activate robot to assign crew members to empty spare […]

SquidWeb updates 27.06.2023

New features and updates: Social security activation: read data from document Improve social security receipt document Improve shift tiles view Add parameter in robot for date in advance for social security Store receipt focument / check registration types Update crew sign off Add regions to Add spare robot Change prepayment template Add delete function for […]

SquidWeb updates 20.06.2023

New features and updates: Set tenant when adding new contract Container: Assign Contact to Tenant, Company Planning: Update container Crew Item Status Duplicate crew improvements Add green theme for Squid Fixes: Fix function “new project and assign email” Fix all event robots which get triggered when no company id is provided Newsletter – Fixed Unsubscrive […]

SquidWeb updates 13.06.2023

New features and updates: Update query get contacts for page Deactivate user right for all artlogic, ShowPay, stagehands and all other tenants  Planning: New project contact select only shows active clients Update naming of social security scraper / robots Fixes: Add spare rate card issue Change filename of downloaded social security document  Change query for […]

SquidWeb updates 06.06.2023

New features and updates: Add type list view to Staff contract container Planning: Improve copy project + add functions  ES – Modify MOD “Payrolls Amounts”  NL – optimise payroll export Fixes: Add spare bug fix  Fix errors in archive delete and emailmessage archive  Update anonymize script  Sparkasse scraper shut down whole robot service [Cost Savings] […]

SquidWeb updates 30.05.2023

New features and updates: Set up Rockabella board Setup ForCrew / Indeca Improve data in crew planner Add function to delete Tags  Improvements Average payroll methode Bulk action: Set Date, Time, Status Improvement: Crew planner  Add Spare bug / improvements Fixes: Check the issue that already registered users appear in the spain export  Check documentation […]

SquidWeb updates 23.05.2023

New features and updates: Added “add spare rows” and “assign spare” to project option  Name load balancers (web services ticket) Remove Jisti instance Backup on RDS / S3 Check resource of load balancer Document Staff Contract – Add type Update test message Messenger Fixes: Stage environment too slow improvement Removed Gateway Internal Form Community – […]

SquidWeb updates 16.05.2023

New features and updates: Modified Method export A3 Spain export payroll  Social security list for Showpay Added function to mark bank as deleted Robot: Add 20% spare positions automatically (only create rows) Robot: Fill empty spare positions automatically Users: Add function for admin to set user password ES-New format: Employees -> Export report -> A3 […]

SquidWeb updates 09.05.2023

New features and updates: Projects: several improvements/fixes in Find the best person  Emailmessage: autom. download attachment when email is archived / when status set to Done Fixes: Social security scrapers: fix and improvements on registration  Projects: fix email template is not showing in release DN dialog 

SquidWeb updates 02.05.2023

New features and updates: Updated Mattermost Moved to RDS & moved DB community to RDSc Mobile App: Added PCI to created project Find the best person: Implemented different methods for each country – ES; DE; AT Added checking of person adding from find the best person container: Checked select more then one crew Checked staff […]

SquidWeb updates 25.04.2023

New features and updates: Projects: find the best crew improvements Projects: shift tile view improvements Fixes: Accounting: fix errors in exact exports Crewplanner: fix marked days in grey when contract ended  Receipts: fix exact export Projects: fix and improve project crew item export Documents: fix upload of documents 

SquidWeb updates 11.04.2023

New features and updates: Added contract type for social security query  Forms available for client app user Added function for clients to create projects in mobile app Allow only ratecards to be selected in pci that are valid on jobdate  Fixes: Crewplanner: Plannercrews are not loading  Fixed rate card change issue

SquidWeb updates 04.04.2023

New features and updates: Squid: enabling filter doesnt trigger data fetch anymore  Projects: improve speed find the best crew method  Fixes: Projects: fix undefined startdate error toast on report creation  Crewplanner: fix error that jobs does not appear in calendar when begin and end time = 0:00 Application: fix error when sending email templates Projects: […]

SquidWeb updates 28.03.2023

New features and updates: Projects: added new confirmation report “Konkretisierung” Projects: added shift tile view Invoices: added journal code to EBU invoice export App: added crew profile request App: show hour and minutes in vacation request Contacts: improve proteus contact upload App: add watermark to profile pictures  Fixes: Mailbox: improve sync of other and sent […]

SquidWeb updates 21.03.2023

New features and updates: Emailmessages: set person and contact in outgoing/incoming sms email  Employees: update current and joining export query  Companysettings: set service order report template  Fixes: Templates: fix duplicate signature, add template sort order by position  Service order: fix total sum on confirmation report 

SquidWeb updates 14.03.2023

New features and updates: Payrolls: show worked and planned hours in payroll comment  Crew Tag: add color picker Payrolls: calculate payroll header on release Projects: add function to copy project Mailbox: set company in new email modal when permission is granted for only one company Contacts: create DHL parcel pickup Fixes: Tax Types: fix delete […]

SquidWeb updates 07.03.2023

New features and updates: Payrolls: add change allowance status Payrolls: fix and improve ntcs mitarbeiterstammdaten and payrolls export   Fixes: Accounts: fix e-soft export Invoices: add vat to e-soft export Receipts: update e-soft export columns Crewplanner: fix that contact person activities container doesn’t open Social security reg.: fix that documents keep loading forever when no […]

SquidWeb updates 28.02.2023

New features and updates: Leads: add manager to new leads modal   Invoice: add invoice EBU export  Companysettings: add force tax type in invoices/receipts  Invoice: add invoice NTCS export Projects: improve ES aviso export App: several improvements in GUI on membership crew page (crew profile & memebership crew shown only for logged in clients) App: […]

SquidWeb updates 14.02.2023

New features and updates: Mobile app Profile Picture Upload Progress validation  Added Debtor / Creditor export Method for Exact NL  Added Assign to payroll function to payroll details view  Added Receipt creation from Project Documents  Added Draft Email improvements ( button to save as draft, function to save when browsed is closed) Leads update of […]

SquidWeb updates 07.02.2023

New features and updates: Projects: add sort order in project type selection  Leads: update category and status filter Social security registration: set dateFrom filter to day -1 by default  Accountings: add EXACT accounting export  Bank transfers: check for special characters in bank transfer details  Fixes: Crewplanner: fix wrong contract data is shown in staff value  […]

SquidWeb updates 31.01.2023

New features and updates: Projects: added filter for supplier to project emails  Delivery Notes: added email container to delivery notes  Sys Alert: added new alert “breaks less 12 hours between jobs”  Items: added export to items list container menu to export to csv file:  Payrolls: AT current employee export Mobile app: added project type under […]

SquidWeb updates 24.01.2023

New features and updates: Projects: update project details GUI Projects: add delivery note side container  Projects: added Aviso export for Spain Companysettings: add FR default report templates (invoice, project confirmation/calculation, project delivery notes) Receipts: add exact report export Fixes: Quotes: fix quotes list is not loading correctly when returning from quote details tab Accounts: fix […]

SquidWeb updates 17.01.2023

New features and updates: Delivery notes: added delivery note report to be signed digital  Delivery notes: add dhl/sendcloud to container menu in delivery notes details  Robot: improve social security registration scrapper  Fixes: Projects: fix missing delivery note report in email 

SquidWeb updates 10.01.2023

New features and updates: Invoices: added invoice export in format Exact  Accounts: added new account creation method EigthDigitalShortCode method  Tax types: allow % to be entered in new tax type modal Fixes: Projects: prevent rate cards in pci pop out when crew ratecard has been changed Accounting: fix helenic bank upload 

SquidWeb updates 03.01.2023

Fixes: Accounting: fix missing entries in accounting upload  Planning calendar: fix timeout error

SquidWeb updates 13.12.2022

New features and updates: Service order: add project number to service order details Receipts: improvements in Esoft export report Invoice : improvements in Esoft export report  Fixes: Accounts: fix missing file extension in export, change separator in lexware export DocumentTypes: fix copy from resources (due to missing document type id) 

SquidWeb updates 06.12.2022

New features and updates: Projects: show crew external comment on project calculation report  Receipts: add export in e-soft format Fixes:  Accounts: add account number to export  Accounts: add account export in e-soft format Invoice: fix export in e-soft format

SquidWeb updates 29.11.2022

New features and updates: Accounts: new account method to generate new debtor/creditor accounts (NineDigitMethodFR)  App: added crew-profile page Companysettings: add “check break times during booking” and “break time between jobs” Fixes: App: remove blank space in email address input field at the end  Accounting: fix missing splited booking

SquidWeb updates 22.11.2022

New features and updates: Robots: add log note on robot activation/deactivation  Service order: add change status to container menu Service order: show sums in side container Robots: allow to set person in all activitiy types App: in crew sign off. catering is not set by default anymore Service order: add crews filter in side container  […]

SquidWeb updates 15.11.2022

New features and updates: Projects: show toast when blocked cm is assigned in pci  App: allow images to be uploaded in crew member expenses as .jpg and .png Fixes: Service order: fix build from/to filter Squid: fix select drop down stops working when trying to input  App: fix that crew/cc/ext comments are not shown in […]

SquidWeb updates 08.11.2022

New features and updates: Receipts: add filter to show pci in supplier projects  Receipts: add modal to assign project to closed project  Fixes: Accounts: fix export error Invoice/Receipts: add account export to container menu EmailMessage: fix error that email keep getting synced and replicated when email has no message id Vacancy: fix endate in arbeitagentur […]

SquidWeb updates 25.10.2022

New features and updates: Document: assign document to payroll  Squid: fix browser memory leak  Crew profile: add send crew suggestion email to container menu App: added show profile on click on name in crew planner  Fixes: Quotes: fix that tax value is not copied when using copy quotes function or create from quote template Payrolls: […]

SquidWeb updates 18.10.2022

New features and updates: sq-select: prevent that data is fetched every time control is open  Forms: show toast when email template is not available Forms: new form type “Feedback”  Forms: possibility to disable score on training form complete 

SquidWeb updates 11.10.2022

New features and updates: Mobile Crew planner: Multi- select for regions, crew  Improved membership crew page Improved mobile crew profile Fixes: Decrease page size account list Fixed the activity assigned to wrong contact / recipient Fixed memebership crew member: adds wrong person to crew

SquidWeb updates 04.10.2022

New features and updates: Mailbox settings: set up mailbox Mailbox settings: create mailbox on variomedia server via api Mailbox: improve assignment of incoming sms emails  Forms/Update from document: add max length properties Mobile Crew Planner: Function filter multi select Mailbox list: Improve row selection focus after grid update  Fixes: App: fix functions filter in crew […]

SquidWeb updates 27.09.2022

New features and updates: Vacancies: improve loading speed when opening vacancy link  Mailbox: add function to create mailbox Contact/Forms: allow only country selection from list  Forms: enable upload of gifs Templates: add new Template type “RobotEmailMessage” Mobile App: new page crew profile Fixes: Accounting: fix upload of accounting of santander bank 

SquidWeb updates 20.09.2022

New features and updates: Projects: added bulk action “send bulk email to selected”  Projects: added bulk action “set to cancel (* )” DHL Shipping Modal: added name, phone, email address to create shipping order modal Crew planner: show project status in tooltip Mailbox: improvement in row selection Fixes: Projects: fix that todo container is not […]

SquidWeb updates 13.09.2022

New features and updates: Projects: show context menu when right click on complete group row click Projects: added bulk action “set to cancel” Projects: improve row selection in bulk action and bugs fixed  Receipts: added column int/ext/crews to assigned pci export Robots: added email template selection in robotaction email Tenantsettings: show company short name/ add […]

SquidWeb updates 06.09.2022

New features and updates: Vacancies: update status color Vacancies: added applications activities container to side panel  Document upload: improve upload by document type Mailbox: improve project assignment of emails Fixes: Today: fix that filters are not set correctly to open project list page when clicking on values in kpi planning container  Companysettings: fix upload/delete of […]

SquidWeb updates 30.08.2022

New features and updates: Planning items: set payroll defaultfilter to “Not assigned/ Not released”  Vacancy: several improvements in arbeitsagentur sync  Fixes: Vacancy: update publish date only for filtered items

SquidWeb updates 23.08.2022

New features and updates: Project bulk action: several fixes and improvements  Mailbox: open default mailbox if set on open mailbox  Fixes: Delivery notes: fix that delivery note type change does not save Activities: fix loading error when scrolling down list 

SquidWeb updates 16.08.2022

New features and updates: Documents: show company on document details   Robots: new robotaction ‘Delivery Note’ App: add cm to crew membership Quote: create delivery note from quote Fixes: Projects: fix reply/reply all/forward in project email container App – Crewplanner: dont show block date reason in tooltip  Fix: open contact person in form participant

SquidWeb updates 09.08.2022

New features and updates: Delivery notes: several bug fixes and improvements Projects: editable ext factor even when pci is already assigned to payroll Mailbox: sync with gmail Permission: new user right ‘company document’, allow user to access company settings and edit company documents only Fixes: Crew membership: fix that setted date can not be deleted […]

SquidWeb updates 02.08.2022

New features and updates: Delivery notes: several bug fixes and improvements Fixes: Projects: fix wrong calculation on project close

SquidWeb updates 27.07.2022

New features and updates: Crewplanner: add projectname to menu item open Projects: improve performance when requesting/confirming jobs Projects: show notication when membership crew exist for client during creation and using find the best person Projects: new new status “Has been cancelled” Planning items: add “All project crew item” filter Todo activities: several improvements Ratecards: show […]

SquidWeb updates 12.07.2022

Fixes: Accounting: fix helenic bank upload when value >999 Projects: fix that pci can be assigned to deleted crews 

SquidWeb updates 05.07.2022

New features and updates: Accounting: added accounting upload for Helenic Bank file format Projects: improve todo container  Fixes: Todo calendar: fix that todos can not be completed when recipient is already deactivated Projects: fix project email filter  Activites: fix create todo

SquidWeb updates 26.06.2022

New features and updates: Projects: improve project loading speed Fixes: Contact: add loading karla icon in contact activities Projects: fix that todo container is not collapsing completey Document: fix open document in new tab

SquidWeb updates 21.06.2022

New features and updates: Delivery note: several improvements and fixes  Fixes: Companysettings: fix in company document that document is not replaced with updated one Document: fix that document type ‘Zeugnis’ is uploaded as ‘Arbeitszeugnis’ in vacancy plugin Project: fix that pci with 0 ext factor are calculated in total hours 

SquidWeb updates 14.06.2022

New features and updates: Accounting: Ancoria bank upload Delivery Note: items page Fixes: Person/Contact: fix that mobile nr doesn’t save Crewplanner: fix that filter get lost after changing date flter

SquidWeb updates 10.06.2022

New features and updates: Projects: improve project calculation estimatation Projects: added calculation report group by function and suppliert Fixes: Document: fix open document in new tab Block dates: refresh grid after insert/edit 

SquidWeb updates 31.05.2022

New features and updates: Projects: Calculation group by function KPI: added vacant jobs > 7 Fixes: Projects: fix estimate calculation to exclude pci with asterisks Robot: fix that wrong email template is selected in invoice warning action Today: fix that sys alerts are not shown in container

SquidWeb updates 24.05.2022

New features and updates: Vacancies: added double click to open person and contact, set correct title in vacancy application  Todo: show todos in side container in PR/INV/Q/PO/RCP 

SquidWeb updates 17.05.2022

New features and updates: Templates: added template type filter, sort order by click on column header  Vacancy: added total footer Fixes: Staffcontract: fix save when company is changed Accounting: fix bvba csv upload Projects: fix duplicates shown in pci list when creating copying pcis Accounting: fix that correct date format is saved in db

SquidWeb updates 13.05.2022

New features and updates: Sendcloud: added new function sendcloud Users: added open contact page to row menu Projects: added row count in pci list Fixes: Document template: fix that template menu are created for inactive logins 

SquidWeb updates 04.05.2022

Fixes: Scrapper: fix scrapper for bbva bank accounts Application: fix arbeitsagentur sync

SquidWeb updates 12.04.2022

New features and updates: Projects: include *Spare* and *SpareOnSite* on printed CCS Projects: add option to request DN to be signed by client  

SquidWeb updates 05.04.2022

New features and updates: Membershjp Crew: added new type “Shared MemberShip” Fixes: App: improve performance in form answers

SquidWeb updates 15.03.2022

New features and updates: Projects: improve client digital signing Mailbox: add resend to grid menu on failed emails  Fixes: Document templates: fix google login auth Projects: fixed margin calculation Payrolls: set company during payroll document upload Calls: replace + by 00 when using call mobile Projects: fix sum ext calculation on project page Payrolls: fix […]

SquidWeb updates 08.03.2022

New features and updates: Projects: dynamic report menu, show only menu of reports when available ToDo: todos created and assigned to yourself, are automatically marked as completed when you complete todo Mailbox: improve assignment of email (replies)  Fixes: Projects: fix that reports get dupicated when changing email template 

SquidWeb updates 01.03.2022

New features and updates: Today: add Lead to global search Documents: permission reject document also includes permission to delete Today: show only requested documents of companies that user has permission for Fixes: Projects: add prefix set in usersettings to mobile number when calling cm Project confirmation: when calcualting hours, client min call is also taking […]

SquidWeb updates 22.02.2022

New features and updates: Google template: add math expression inside enumeration  System alerts: added open document menu item on document sys alerts Mailbox: possible to attach .txt and .dat file to email message Projects: added confirmation digital sign Company settings: add attachments to email templates  Fixes: Invoices: fix that warnings can not be generated  Receipts: […]

SquidWeb updates 15.02.2022

New features and updates: Companysettings: added rate card attachments which can be attached to rate card emails Accounting: improved text search Search: extended global search on more pages (including Email, Accounting etc) Rate cards: add rate card attachments to email message when added in company settings Fixes: Mailboxes: fix that attachment container is not visible […]

SquidWeb updates 08.02.2022

New features and updates: Plus Crew: New feature Plus Crew Delivery note: Add crew count on report Document: Possible to copy text in PDF document preview Cost Center: Added feature Cost Center Documents: Reject requested document and request document again Payrolls: Added a3 work calendar and part-time export Payrolls: Added additional contract info tabs to […]

SquidWeb updates 26.01.2022

New features and updates: KPI Accounting: Added debtor view and export to google sheet Persons: Added call phone menu Accounting: Add opening/closing balance Mobile app: Add projects menu for office user to view all projects in app Tenant settings: Copy resources (item, accounts) will also create corresponding relation items like tax types, item group etc […]

SquidWeb updates 18.01.2022

New features and updates: Mailbox: added search by email address in email list context menu Mobile app: Add projects menu for office user to view all projects in app Tenant settings: Copy resources (item, accounts) will also create corresponding relation items like tax types, item group etc Fixes: Payrolls: Fix that bank transfer should not […]

SquidWeb updates 12.01.2022

New features and updates: Accounting:  Added contacts filter Mailbox:  Added search by email address in email list context menu App: Added location permission requirement on crew mode self Fixes: Forms: Fix add crew planner crew as participants Accounting: Don’t create accounting on marked but not booked transaction 

SquidWeb updates 04.01.2022

New features and updates: Robots: Added option to send HTML email in robot action “Email” Accounting:  Added status due (design, conflict, approval) Tenant settings:  Added copy functions, document type, container links, items to different tenant Tenant settings: Added copy default items (robots, templates, accounts, tax types) to different tenant Activity: Unify recipient and person in […]

SquidWeb updates 29.12.2021

New features and updates: Redirect to referer after login Add to black list as email row action Fixes: Delete form fixed

SquidWeb updates 22.12.2021

New features and updates: Emailmessage: added drag and drop (+indication) in mail attachment  Robots: set user in robot action “invoice warning release”  Tenant: added select default, select all, unselect all in copy resource  Container link, document types, function, item: added admin parameters for default set up sync Mailbox: added remove failed address to email list […]

SquidWeb updates 15.12.2021

New features and updates: Ratecard: generate Google template document for each contact person with login Todo calendar: show amount of overdue, today and future todos in user/login filter Tenant: set robots/forms to active/inactive when copying from resource Tenant: assign login type and company to SquidWeb Messenger channel User: preset company default role when user only […]

SquidWeb updates 07.12.2021

New features and updates: Project: add extra payment to project calcualtion (addon)   Fixes: Tenant: fix copy resource forms/robots from tenant 

SquidWeb updates 30.11.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: added tooltip on mouse over search and wiki/tutorial link to container Mailbox: automatically assign project on confirmation/refusal emails  App: crew planner – improvements in GUI App: crewplanner – add functions and region filter , open person on double click  Social security registration: open social security registration by id Todo calendar: […]

SquidWeb updates 23.11.2021

New features and updates: Todo calendar: improved performance and show total of todos in column header  Emailmessage: block CTRL+Enter for 3 seconds after CTRL+V is pressed to avoid sending email after paste by mistake Mailbox: several improvements in side container  Person/Contract details: improved country/nationality selection by filtering country by different language (DE/EN/NL/ES)  App: show detailed […]

SquidWeb updates 16.11.2021

New features and updates: Vacancies: added vacancy type filter and additional vacancy details in grid  Activities: open social security registration from activity  Payrolls: improvement that bank transfers are only created for payrolls (not for payroll corrections) Vacancies: added html editor to vacancy editor Applications: improvements on GUI Payrolls: add Lohn and Kilometergelder in AT payroll […]

SquidWeb updates 09.11.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: add mailbox name as tab title when single mailbox is selected  Robots: set timezone for robots Tenant: copy container links/help from tenant  Projects: add email address, house number to DE accreditation report  Fixes: Vacancies: fix search triggered by input, fix tabindex in vacancy parameters Robots: set IDLoginParty when todo is […]

SquidWeb updates 04.11.2021

New features and updates: User settings: show email address in default mailbox  Projects: show icon when cm is registered in social security registration Documents: set ID of company is mandatory when requesting document Payroll: added ES A3 payroll export Payrolls: added End of contract calculation Payrolls: calculate vacation based on default rate Receipts: assign special […]

SquidWeb updates 26.10.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: add menu to forward attachment  Social Sec. Reg. : add upload of aviso .pdf file Projects: show icon when cm is registered in social security App: added planning crew item list page App: added improvements in planning calendar for clients Fixes: Company settings: fix upload of quote attachments file

SquidWeb updates 20.10.2021

New features and updates: ToDo calendar: improvements (overdue & upcoming todos) Mailbox: improvements in filter and GUI Fixes: Robots: fix the invoice created from templates that are already exported  Login: fix undefined undefined as person name  Forms: fix {{form}} variable and “nextWhenCorrect” while going back to already answered answer Person: show documented skills in all […]

SquidWeb updates 13.10.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: improvements in deluxe search GUI  Vacancy: show document types of category person in “Assigned document types” Tutorial: allow youtube video in full screen  App: create activity on crew pre-call, check-in and check-out  Todo calendar: added priority filter, improve user filter  Squid Menu: new sort order and grouping Mailbox: add filter […]

SquidWeb updates 06.10.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: added new template type “EmailSignaturePrivate” to set personal email signature Payrolls: added new AT payroll export Squid: use drag and drop to open squid tab in new browser tab Mailbox: improve mailbox search speed Document: added open contact details to document details container menu Activity: show toast when creating cross […]

SquidWeb updates 28.09.2021

New features and updates: Payrolls: added “Einmalzulagen” to payroll export  Mailbox: added concept of email templates (draft to template)  Payrolls: create banktransfer (optional) when uploading payroll document  Mailing list: subscribe to mailing list Signatory: save IP address of user when document is signed Social Security Registration: download registration and upload data from document Fixes: Today: […]

SquidWeb updates 21.09.2021

New features and updates: Contact selection: show contact address System alerts: show robotname, creation in tooltip/grid  Employee: add paging (500 items) to list App: add parameter to document type to hide extra fields that are meant for internal use only (by default extra fields are hidden except “mobileField”:true is set)  Fixes: Robots: fix error in […]

SquidWeb updates 14.09.2021

New features and updates: Tenant: copy robots from tenant Mailbox: extract attachment from neutral format  Fixes: Toast: fix the error that toast appear, cross tenant, when a project of the same number is opened  Tenant: fix error that prevent copy resource from production 

SquidWeb updates 07.09.2021

New features and updates: Account: update create creditor account method to start with 8 StaffContracts: add an option to send “Welcome Email” in row menu Items: added check if the item is in use in service order before deleting, replace item also in service order Fixes Projects: fix that rates/hours could be changed after pci […]

SquidWeb updates 24.08.2021

New features and updates: Applications: show the number of applications in status invited Applications: allow users to edit application details Invoices: added E-soft export Applications: add “all active” status filter  Mailbox: added project sort order, show begin and end date in project assignment  Mailbox: open contact by double click on contact/from  Company roles: added text […]

SquidWeb updates 10.08.2021

New features and updates: Projects: change status of crew to Confirmed when Confirmation is sent Mailbox: add email message in/out filter Container links: Tutorial type container link added Fixes Ratecards: fix that ratecard caption can not be renamed  Ratecards: fix that ratecard region can not be changed  Projects: fix that predefined email address in template […]

SquidWeb updates 03.08.2021

New features and updates: Project crew items: set status to ongoing on digital confirmation Projects: set project crews status to ‘confirmed’ when confirmation is sent  Service orders: show net/gross in grid  Sys alerts: merge login type/user filter Applications: add status “Decision”  Applications: show number of application in different status in footer  Applications: fix text filter […]

SquidWeb updates 27.07.2021

New features and updates: Robots/Mattermost: check max limit of characters and show error in robot error channel Quotes: remove status “Ongoing”  Birthday reminder robots for staff, crew and clients Fixes Activities: fix error on activities load when contact has no person Robots: fix robot action “invoice release send” to show correct status of sent email […]

SquidWeb updates 21.07.2021

New features and updates: Login: default company role is required Activity/Todo calendar: its possible to filter by login type/user groups  Mailbox: allow separate emails by ‘,’ and ‘;’ when sending emails  Payroll: split balance vacation in payroll export into different lexware account  Fixes Location: fixed that set pin can not be set Accounting: fixed that […]

SquidWeb updates 13.07.2021

New features and updates: Projects: added function to export accreditation report incl. photos of cm  Documents: show description in tooltip instead of in container  Emails: added archived filter to search archived emails  Quotes: possible to change status when quote is already released  Payrolls: added automatic break calculation AT/ES/GER  Fixes Payrolls: fixed wrong int h rate […]

SquidWeb updates 06.07.2021

New features and updates: Service orders: open assigned project/crew by double click on label Planning items: added text filter to search for clients and project name  Service orders: show sum on footer, add change status modal  Invoices: show service order container in invoice Contact persons: show active persons by default  Mailbox: refresh row menu after […]

SquidWeb updates 29.06.2021

New features and updates: Projects: show toast when project rate card changes Bank Transfers: set export filter to -not exported- by default  Service order: show service order invoices in side panel Fixes Projects: fix that allows copy paste in comment column  Activities: fix that author/recipient is not set when completing to-dos  Bank Transfers: fix that […]

SquidWeb updates 23.06.2021

New features and updates: Vacancies: added region filter Email: add message to retry sending when email failed to send Robots: deactivate action from grid Project: added -not selected- to person column Invoice: preselected filter in export modal according to selected filter in list  Project Accreditation: added DNI valid date to export  Quote: added option to […]

SquidWeb updates 15.06.2021

New features and updates: New colour themes added to tenant settings Robots: Customer care 6 month contact reminder  S3: prevent error appearing that text is too long by limit input field  Crewplanner: No longer counts “Kurzarbeit” as worked/planned hours Fixes Projects: menu item add new project to project list Invoice: dont ask for lexware id […]

SquidWeb updates 08.06.2021

New features and updates: Receipts: possible to select financial accounts now Robots: Remove Unanswered job request from projects Mailbox: Download all attachments added Fixes Ratecards: fix permission issues when creating activity in ratecards Accounting: Prevent error when deleting date from accounting Mailbox: improve delete email action Projects/Accreditation report: fix that wrong birthday is shown on […]

SquidWeb updates 01.06.2021

New features and updates: Service order: Item groups – set an item as a headline Tenant: copy templates from different tenant Mailbox: open person in email assignment Planning calendar: Crew information mouse hover over info added Fixes Mailbox: improve search Planning calendar: fix that PC is not loading by improving the query  Service order: fix […]

SquidWeb updates 25.05.2021

New features and updates: Documents: set client specific documents Mobile: show client specific documents to assigned clients  Mobile: clients are now able to add crew ratings, view past crew ratings  Activities: show login email address on mouse over recipient  Fixes Contacts: show detailed error message when creating new contact fails  Mailbox/Leads: link sent lead email […]

SquidWeb updates 18.05.2021

New features and updates: Documents: set client specific documents Mobile: show client specific documents to assigned clients Activities: show login email address on mouse over recipient Mobile: clients are now able to add crew ratings, view past crew ratings  Fixes Contacts: show detailed error message when creating new contact fails Mailbox/Leads: link sent lead email […]

SquidWeb updates 11.05.2021

New features and updates: Mailbox: Status can be set in incoming rules Service order: Client items are shown by default Mailbox Documents: Rotate pdf document option added Mobile: Show client related document Mobile: Redesigned confirm signed document button Fixes Robots: Include company signature variable in email action Mobile: Rename Login to Email on login page […]

SquidWeb updates 05.05.2021

New features and updates: Service order: Several improvements and fixes. Robots: Daily public and private mailbox update procedure added. Password expired: Option to choose via sms or email added. Mobile: Project crew info is now shown in project documents page. Quotes: Double clicking “status” in header triggers change status dialog. Fixes Quotes: fixed that debtor […]

SquidWeb updates 20.04.2021

New features and updates: Mobile: Show same documents to crew member as for clients in app. Accounting: New file format bank upload. Copy default company setting on tenant. Service order: fixes and improvements. Wiki users option is available for all tenants. Vacancies: Language tag for job descriptions in different languages . Mobile sign documents improvements. […]

SquidWeb updates 13.04.2021

New features and updates: Robots set up for reoccurring invoices. Payroll Document upload to Squid. Service Order Details page added. Uses page: Search functions added. Fixes Online Test Environment Create Vacancy Error. Tables removed from prod database. Calendar events are create from SquidWeb again. Projects automatic calculated hours when filling in breaks, disappear after closing […]

SquidWeb updates 06.04.2021

New features and updates: Service orders page added. SQL server Backedup. Mailbox: Leading and trailing characters are ignored. Fixes Copy Forms function is fixed. Upload Documents in Projects is fixed. Email with 8MB body size crashes when saving on database.

SquidWeb updates 30.03.2021

New features and updates: Request documents: add description (of documenttype). Mobile App: Status “not available” for Spare required. Documents: show description on document details page. Mailbox: Empty searchable message when sending email. Accounting: Rename VAT column to TAX column. Fixes Mailbox response action is fixed. Variables are overwritten by robot action. Robot warning 1 was […]

SquidWeb updates 23.03.2021

New features and updates: Project rate cards container: Double click to open rate cards. KPI updated to KPI finance. DN and CCS is displayed on Today Page. Payrolls – Status color updated. Fixes Payrolls – payrolls double in side container. Status of payroll bug has been fixed. Payrolls hot fixes.

SquidWeb updates 16.03.2021

New features and updates: Company Settings: validation of template file upload added Robots: “contract signed” robot added Forms: form templates added. Template Docs: Math calculations variables have been added. Items Page: Items list – add client + transfer HML Pauschalen. Fixes Cannot mark invoices as paid has been fixed. Projects: Find the best person container […]

SquidWeb updates 09.03.2021

New features and updates: Accounting KPI has been improved. – Totals shown in footer – Totals of rows for columns are now displayed – Totals in footer doesn’t update values when using text filter – fixed. – Each budget can now be named. – Each budget can be set to Credit or Debit as a […]

SquidWeb updates 02.03.2021

New features and updates: Projects: Content filter added to project emails container. Mailbox: Pause Sync function added to the UI. Google Calendar account linked to personal settings. Mailbox: text resize function added. Mobile: Crew chief can now take and upload photo when contact photo is not present. Fixes: Projects: Crews are visible after being added […]

SquidWeb updates 23.02.2021

New features and updates: Mobile: Pre-Call status “Refusal” has been added. Mobile: “Not needed” and “Activate” status has been added to spare positions. Mobile: Reactivate spare function has been added. Mailbox: Save as Draft function added. Mailbox: Text and color options added. Projects: PCI with no status is marked “TBA”. Robots:  Night-shift communications now sent […]

SquidWeb updates 16.02.2021

New features and updates: Robots: Personal daily updates. Accounting:  Negative receipts  can now be assigned. Video Call Button has been added to the SquidWeb header. Mobile: Planners can see status of all Crew. Fixes: Today page: KPI planning no jobs are displayed. Mailbox: Mailbox filter were not working. Contacts: Location was not shown on map. […]

SquidWeb updates 10.02.2021

New features and updates: Robots: Add new event ‘allsigned’ – triggers when all signature are signed on document Invoice: Added activity log when due date is changed + note Mailbox: Added RVSP in google invitation emails Mailbox: Added HTML format bar Mailbox: Show number of draft emails Mobile App: training page -new list order not […]

SquidWeb updates 03.02.2021

New features and updates: User management: Create wiki users Document templates: Add scrollbar Planning calendar: Remove confirmed vacation requests Invoices, Receipts: Add new export method Accounting Robots: create recurring invoices Forms: Add invite date to participant Fixes: Today: Fix load error in todo calendar (ES) Leads: fFx that create contact can be done multiple times […]

SquidWeb updates 27.01.2021

New features and updates: Robots: Send invoice warnings automatically Contact: Several improvements in new contact modal Activities: Focus on body input field when completing ToDo’s Projects: Default button resets view to project view mode Fixes: ToDo calendar: fix open account ToDo User icon: Keep icon as circle (not stretched) Project: Exclude deleted project crew item […]

SquidWeb updates 20.01.2021

New features and updates: Documents / Staff Contract Details : Set signatories as cancelled Document templates: Added missing rate card items Robots: Added placeholders to robot action Accounting Robots: Set robot action within one robot to active / inactive Mailbox: Add extra email content for google and teams invitations Mailbox: recurring receipts – create receipts […]

SquidWeb updates 13.01.2021

New features and updates: SquidWeb Messenger: Video calls Application: Show contact activites when contact is created Receipts: Create receipts from receipt template (for recurring receipts) Accounting: Check sum of split bookings before release Mobile app: Add ongoing projects filter and hide projects in status design to client Planning calendar: Set triangle default color of closed/refused […]

SquidWeb updates 06.01.2021

New features and updates: Today: Delete requested documents and hide deleted documents  Documents: Add delete document menu KPI Accounting: Columns sorted like in export, group budget  Accounting: Delete accounting by accounting stack  Accounting: A3 export for invoices, receipt App: Show signed crew guide and crew leader guide in trainings App: Possible to set *spare* to […]

SquidWeb updates 15.12.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: New variables for autoresponder ({{date}} and {{nextAvailableDate}}) Mailbox: New shortcut STRG+I to enter signature Project and Invoice: Added html email templates Project: Edit crew status in crew container grid Accounting: Copy marked column to clipboard Project (Find best person): Show crew name and id in project crew item selection Robot: […]

SquidWeb updates 08.12.2020

New features and updates: Robots: Multi company robots within one tenant Vacancies: Sync with Arbeitsagentur Germany Accounting: CSV upload from spreadsheet template Mailbox: Autoreponder improvement, new variable {{nextAvailableDate}}  Fixes: Invoice: Fixed wrong warning status (dot) Invoice: Exclude deleted project crew item from check  Login: Fix permission/log in error due to too long token  KPI Crew: […]

SquidWeb updates 01.12.2020

New features and updates: Projects: Delete/Undelete Projects Users: show active, project and invoice time in user graph Google Doc: Create PDF document from google docs in SquidWeb  Company settings: Set Japan Yen as default currency Employees: Include contract type in export WordPress plugin: English translation added to controls  Fixes: Projects: Report calculation sum error Projects: […]

SquidWeb updates 24.11.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Select more than one email address from selection (one after another) Mailbox: new categories: Rate cards and Staff contracts  Mailbox: IMAP sync Template editor: Set mail sender name and sender address, send as alias Projects list: Show estimate sum in view project controlling Robot: New action to call Fixes: Projects: […]

SquidWeb updates 17.11.2020

New features and updates: Mobil app: Find your crew chief track live location  Mailbox: Add status tool tip and improved default button Mailbox: Download and print buttons in preview added Mailbox: Improved address selection Squid Messenger: Set up new SquidWeb messenger tool Fixes: Vacation request: Unable to create project crew item – fixed Bulk email: […]

SquidWeb updates 10.11.2020

New features and updates: Find best person: Show crew membership black/whitelist Find best person: Integrated maps  Leads: Send bulk email to lead persons Mobile App: Turn off share location in job details page Mobile App: Security check from supplier available in partner projects Mobile App: Verify signature in digital signing (dot is filtered) Mailbox: Added […]

SquidWeb updates 27.10.2020

New features and updates: Planning: Avis Report for Austria: Remove header, update zip code Planning: Find the best person: show spares in grid Planning: Add cancellation request (will remove crew member from project crew item) Mailbox: Show number of emails in status filter, improve delete emails Mailbox: Shortcuts added: CTRL + a: reply; CTRL + […]

SquidWeb updates 13.10.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Added all/personal/public mailbox filter, show number of emails in status Leads: Send bulk email now includes, action, activities and SMS Quotes: Added manger and status Confirmed, Pending Google Calendar: birthdays of crew/client/office Mobile app: Upload profile photo by crew members Fixes: Receipts: Add bank transfer, set recipient bank account Employee: […]

SquidWeb updates 30.09.2020

New features and updates: Find best person: Several improvements (show hours, sort order…) Find best person: Show crew address location on map and meeting point Word Press plugin: New design template to show vacancies on web page Mobile app: Show live position (crew/crew chief) Forms: Option to jump to next question when correct answer is […]

SquidWeb updates 23.09.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Added auto complete in BCC and CC Today: Added requested document container Templates: Added activity container to track changes and set ToDos Activity: Set due time in ToDos Ratecard: Added document template to ratecard documents ToDo calendar: Added company filter, tooltip (tenant/company) Crew planner: Added function/tag to URL Fixes: Projects: […]

SquidWeb updates 15.09.2020

New features and updates: Rate cards: google template to generate rate card table KPI Accounting: Export to excel, csv Mobile app – mailbox: Add search filter All pages: Icon to copy url to clipboard Planning: Set block dates in template of type MSGRequestNotAnswered / MSGJobRefusal Mobile app: Request staff contract/payroll documents Fixes: KPI Accounting; Viewfilter […]

SquidWeb updates 08.09.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Show email history in email list container Mailbox: send bulk email to contact email (newsletter group) Accounting: Show supplier reference in contact receipts / assigned item drop down Crewplanner: filter by skill based document Application: Add change status to row menu Staff Contract: Add contract status Fixes: Projects: exclude cancellation […]

SquidWeb updates 01.09.2020

New features and updates: Documents: Trigger Event for uploaded – can be named for each document type Documents: Ask crew member to upload document by mobile app Documents: Skills based on documents – for example “first aider” Projects: calculate estimate int fields now based on min call and time Find best person: Improved – request […]

SquidWeb updates 25.08.2020

New features and updates: Planning: Open Project crew item from rating container Mail app: Templates replace To, CC and BCC fields Mail app: Unique message ID send with all emails Mail app: Search suffix for partial words SMS Gateway: Parameter setting for each gateway Planning: Crew info documents can be shared for all crews Leads: […]

SquidWeb updates 18.08.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Signature handling improved – use [ALT]+[S] in any place to insert Application: Welcome function to set up new crew member including logic and welcome email Application: Template types and new status “on hold” Application: Transfer application Mobile app: Rating stars exchanged by smiles Mailbox: Paging included in url for better […]

SquidWeb updates 11.08.2020

New features and updates: Today: Show ToDo calendar, add ToDo calendar, complete ToDo Today: Vacancy : Add internal comment field Mail app: Auto complete and assign recipient for emails address Mail app: Message ids in all emails, including selectable border Mobile app: Rating stars exchanged by smiles Mobile app: Show ToDo list for office yours […]

SquidWeb updates 04.08.2020

New features and updates: Today: ToDo calendar view on today page Today: Search for social security ID and VAT ID KPI: Accounting KPI graph (Beta) Mail app: Function to transfer emails from one mailbox to the other. Mail app: HTML Signature Mail app: Added dates filter and improved paging Robots: Event cue can be filled […]

SquidWeb updates 28.07.2020

New features and updates: Mobile: Only due mail shown in mobile mailbox by default. Mobile: Status filter added to mailbox. Mobile: Appointments page legend has been improved. Vacation request PCI now fills in all crew member data to PCI. Vacation request 5 day limit removed Delivery notes: Time of upload is displayed in delivery note […]

SquidWeb updates 21.07.2020

New features and updates: Today : Search for phone number formatting is greatly improved. UserID and color is displayed in user profile. Crew planner: weekly view now available. Personal documents: document type filter added. Activities: ToDo ToDo Personal filter for HR users. Login: Monthly password update added. Contact person: call options added to row menu. […]

SquidWeb updates 14.07.2020

New features and updates: Projects: Active users in a project are displayed in project footer. Invoice: Invoice list can be filtered by total. Projects: Find the best person container. Projects: Log note when project crew item as been created. Mobile: Call client (contact on-site) contact from mobile app. Mailbox: Forward received emails (forwards emails of […]

SquidWeb updates: 07.07.2020

New features and updates: Claim management: New user right added to edit claim management. Search field content will now be added to URL. Forms: PDF’s can now be viewed inside a Form. Bank transfers: Manual bank transfers can now be created from Transfers page container menu. Crew Guide: Internal links are now accessible from the […]

SquidWeb updates: 30.06.2020

New features and updates: Invoices: Export supporting documents from invoice warning menu. Invoices: Document templates for Payment warnings 4 and 5. Mobile: Precall, checkin and checkout time matches current time. New flexible calculation variables added to system. New invoice exporting method for Portugal. Projects: New crew grading smiley. Edit credit line user role has been […]

SquidWeb updates: 17.06.2020

New features and updates: Mobile: Legend added to appointments page. Forms: Employee data sheet added. Forms: Operational instructions. Mobile: Hours are auto calculated after start, end or break time is added. PCI with “Has Changed” status are displayed in Crew Calendar. Fixes: Focus no longer jumps after time change in PCI. Crew with fixed contracts […]

SquidWeb updates: 04.06.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Mark e-mail as spam keyboard shortcut added. https://squidweb.info/mark-and-remove-spam-emails/ Receipts: Reject receipt status added. https://squidweb.info/reject-receipt/ Forms: Instruction type added. Staff contract documents: Download document added to document details container. Projects: Redesigned rates container. Forms: Automated Personal data sheet (Personnelstamblatt) for faster onboarding. Fixes: Bug: can not create new debtor account on […]

SquidWeb update: 12.05.2020

New features and updates: Employee list: Improved layout and formatting. Forms: Instruction type form added. Payrolls: “Pay payroll” function added to payroll container. Fixes: Payroll: status filter “design” duplicate removed. Export employee list fixed. Accounting: Receipt export fixed. Vacation and time account link to contact page is fixed.

SquidWeb updates: 21.04.2020

New features and updates: Mobile app: Crew can now upload their own expense reports. Mobile app: Vacation request can now be made via the app. Vacation requests management tools – new container added to Today page allowing users to respond to vacation requests. Forms: Videos can be embedded in form answers. Documents: Digital signatories (beta). […]

SquidWeb updates: 15.04.2020

New features and updates: Crew status added to project crews container. Crew external expense report. (https://squidweb.info/crew-expense-extern-report-desktop-squidweb/) Crew profile comment added. (https://squidweb.info/crew-profile-comment/) Mailbox: add new contact prompt added if email sender is unrecognized. Mailbox: auto assign SMS to a crew member is number matches a contact. Planning calendar Crew item pre call status indicator. (https://squidweb.info/planning-calendar-pre-call-status-indicator/) Accounting: […]

SquidWeb updates: 07.04.2020

New features and updates: Crew Planner: KPI crew and planning items are synced. Filter by crew added to project documents container. Filter by crew added to project crews container. Payroll notification email template types updated. (full details in wiki https://wiki.squidweb.info/index.php?title=Templates#Payrolls or contact support for info) Payrolls: Contract type filter added to payrolls container. Payrolls: Quota […]

SquidWeb updates: 31.03.2020

New features and updates: Projects: Emails can now be saved as request document. Forms: Exam or Test type added. Supplier receipts: partner projects filter. Planning calendar: Pre-call status of crew is now displayed in calendar. KPI project crews format and data display improvements. Mailbox: SMS from crew members are auto assigned. System alerts: company & […]

SquidWeb updates: 24.03.2020

New features and updates: Forms: Quiz type added. Forms: Participant signature type added. Contacts: “Default crew mode” option added for Client contacts. Fixes: “Unreleasing” a Bank transfer now creates an activity. Calculation error that creates a different of 0,01€ between invoices and project totals has been fixed. New mail templates save correctly. Crew statistics layout […]

SquidWeb updates: 17.03.2020

New features and updates: One tree – one crew counter. Public transit added to mobile app pre-call map service. Users page: Show total users in footer. Templates: Images can be added to SquidWeb signatures. Templates: Select between HTML or Text. Crew grade is now defined by grading average of digital sign off. Payrolls: Preview of […]

SquidWeb updates: 10.03.2020

  New features and updates: Function: Page to view and edit all functions. View for all users, edit mode only for SquidWeb Admins. Document Types: Page to view and edit all functions. View for all users, edit mode only for SquidWeb Admins. Squid Forms: Beta Version. Allows security check in for Spanish Projects and CrewCheck […]

SquidWeb updates 05.03.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Reply all function added. Fixes: PCI duplication feature fixed. Invoice number order fixed. Invoice rounds quantity correctly. Users could not add new items. Users could not create new locations. Accounting item can only be released if both accounts are set. Accounting list field sizes creased. Google doc templates fixed. Correct […]

SquidWeb updates 25.02.2020

New features and updates: Mobile: Pre-call map directs CM to the meeting point. Mobile: “Crew info” section added – documents can be uploaded for all crew to see in the app. Crew planner: Cancellations are now displayed. Crew statistics container name updated to “KPI Crew members graphs” KPI Crew members graphs added ContactPersonDetails page. Applications: […]

SquidWeb updates 12.02.2020

New features and updates: Statistic container for Crew members. (Located in the SidePanel of the Crew Planner, you will find all the crew member’s working statistics) KPI Project crew items (BETA). Payroll: Per diem is increased. Applications: Email container added. Accounting: improved accounting row size. Applications Rejection and Interview invitation emails added. Projects/Receipts: Icon will […]

SquidWeb update: 04.02.2020

New features and updates: Receipts: New receipts status added –  “rejected”. Crew Planner: Shifts below one hour are now displayed. Mailbox: HTML editor has been added to email templates. GUI: Dialogs may now be moved freely: **Click on the dialog’s title to move** System alerts: Payrolls can be opened directly from system alert. Accounting: Claim […]

SquidWeb update 29.01.2020

New features and updates: New crew tags can now be added and edited from crew profile containers. This features is available to all users with supervisor roles. (https://squidweb.info/add-and-edit-new-crew-tags/) Last received emails indicator in mail list header. Accountings: Contact accounts show in side panel. KPI Accounting – BETA. No vacation counted in payrolls for new function […]

SquidWeb update 22.01.2020

New features and updates: Vacancies and applications feature have been added. Mailbox now available on Mobile App (read only). Project: Group email can now be sent to all confirmed crew members from project menu. Bulk email tools: Group emails can also be sent from the Crew Planner, employees list and Mailbox list. (full details can […]

SquidWeb update 18.12.2019

New features and updates: Crew membership is now available on contact details page. Group emails can be sent from Crew Planner & Employees page. “Create client login” option is now available for crew type contacts. Email container added to contact person details page. (emails to an individual CM can be viewed) Mobile: Only the next […]

SquidWeb update 02.12.2019

New features and updates: Mail can now be assigned to closed projects. Supplier filter has been added to project details page header. Mobile: crew list is available for all crew members. Mobile: ‘Documents’ feature added to payroll page. Mobile: Crew member supplier is displayed in crew list. Planning Calendar: ‘Missing Crew or requested’ added to […]

SquidWeb update 19.11.2019

New features and updates: Activities: Filter added “All notes”. Mailbox: Auto response option added. Mailbox: Default font and text can now be set in Tenant Settings. Invoice & warning  email release dialog has been updated. Contact details container now links to the contact’s rate cards. Planning Calendar: “Waiting for clearance” filter added to Calendar. Shared […]

SquidWeb update 13.11.2019

 New features and updates: Crew comment field character limit extended Claim management “billing info” field character limit extended. Project Mail: New function “Add as order document”. SparetoFix is marked yellow in crew planner. SquidWeb speed and “timeouts” greatly improved. Invoices: “Export RZL Austria” export method added. Payrolls: New payroll details report “hours only” has been […]

SquidWeb update 06.11.2019

 New features and updates: Mailbox: New filters added (Branch & Text filters) Mailbox: “-not selected-” option added to assignment container. Mailbox: Forward with attachment. Mailbox: Side container with all emails. New German report form payroll details with plus and add on. Staff Contracts: Transfer contact’s time or vacation account to a new contract.   Fixes: […]

SquidWeb update 09.10.2019

   New features and updates: Full text search added to mailbox New project status added “Refused” Payroll category has been added to mailbox Payroll container totals have been updated Create a new project/receipt/invoice/payroll from an email- depending on which category it is assigned to: (These options may also be done by right clicking on the […]

SquidWeb update 18.09.2019

   New features and updates: Rate Card External comment field character limit has been extended New projects grid function – “Set all hours to 0” Create new project from directly from an email Mobile app: Contact info is now displayed for all crew members to planners Mobile app: Int Per diam are now included in […]

SquidWeb update 06.09.2019

    New features and updates: Project confirmation with accreditation report is now available (template setting available company settings) External Rate Card comment “Payment conditions” has been added Company filter is now ordered alphabetically Mailbox feature improvements: -Outgoing/send mail added -Branch filter added -Mailbox settings page added -Mailbox roles pages added Bug fixes: PM’s personal […]

SquidWeb update 30.08.2019

     New features and updates: “Mailbox” feature is now online! Activity is now added for digitally signed DNs DN container on Today page now displays PM name not number Document “trash” feature added Bug fixes: Project manager is displayed correctly in mobile app Projects without an assigned project manager will be correctly displayed in […]

SquidWeb update 20.08.2019

  New features and updates: “Help center” option added to main menu.  Visual mark for late refusal has been added to the Crew Planner. Multiple improvements and fixes made to the Accounting feature: –After an invoice or receipt is assigned the contact, a debit or credit account will be set. -An activity is automatically created […]

SquidWeb update 06.08.2019

New features and updates: System alerts: total in footer has been updated. “Accounting” feature is now live. Activities container text can now be copied with right click: Project accreditation information can now be included in Confirmation reports. Staff contract details container values can be deleted now.  Bug fixes: System alerts graph is now fixed. Create […]

SquidWeb update 30.07.2019

New features and updates: SquidWeb help center – squidweb.info is online! Documents: Uploaded documents can now be rotated. Contacts: Delete contact option added. (If user rights are assigned) Activities: text in the Activities container can now be copied.  Mailbox: Public Email folders within SquidWeb (Beta). Improvements to 3cx – crew member name added to incoming […]

SquidWeb Update 08.07.2019

New features and updates: “Accounts” feature added- access from main menu. Advance search options added to Today page search. Payrolls included as Today page search result option. Payrolls mobile: All Confirmed items are displayed to crew. Template documents: Formatting issues have been fixed Mobile: Improvements made to pre-call dialog for iPhone users. Fixed colors for […]

SquidWeb update 10.06.2019

New features and updates: Gender option “Diverse” added to person details container.  Mobile app: Push notifications have been added. Mobile app: Catering “Yes/No” must be selected. Mobile app: Break field name changed to make “Unpaid break” clearer. Mobile app: Page no longer jumps back to top after each Check-in/out Mobile app: PM rating system added. […]