SquidWeb updates 15.09.2020

New features and updates: Rate cards: google template to generate rate card table KPI Accounting: Export to excel, csv Mobile app – mailbox: Add search filter All pages: Icon to copy url to clipboard Planning: Set block dates in template of type MSGRequestNotAnswered / MSGJobRefusal Mobile app: Request staff contract/payroll documents Fixes: KPI Accounting; Viewfilter […]

SquidWeb updates 08.09.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Show email history in email list container Mailbox: send bulk email to contact email (newsletter group) Accounting: Show supplier reference in contact receipts / assigned item drop down Crewplanner: filter by skill based document Application: Add change status to row menu Staff Contract: Add contract status Fixes: Projects: exclude cancellation […]

SquidWeb updates 01.09.2020

New features and updates: Documents: Trigger Event for uploaded – can be named for each document type Documents: Ask crew member to upload document by mobile app Documents: Skills based on documents – for example “first aider” Projects: calculate estimate int fields now based on min call and time Find best person: Improved – request […]

SquidWeb updates 25.08.2020

New features and updates: Planning: Open Project crew item from rating container Mail app: Templates replace To, CC and BCC fields Mail app: Unique message ID send with all emails Mail app: Search suffix for partial words SMS Gateway: Parameter setting for each gateway Planning: Crew info documents can be shared for all crews Leads: […]

SquidWeb updates 18.08.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Signature handling improved – use [ALT]+[S] in any place to insert Application: Welcome function to set up new crew member including logic and welcome email Application: Template types and new status “on hold” Application: Transfer application Mobile app: Rating stars exchanged by smiles Mailbox: Paging included in url for better […]

SquidWeb updates 11.08.2020

New features and updates: Today: Show ToDo calendar, add ToDo calendar, complete ToDo Today: Vacancy : Add internal comment field Mail app: Auto complete and assign recipient for emails address Mail app: Message ids in all emails, including selectable border Mobile app: Rating stars exchanged by smiles Mobile app: Show ToDo list for office yours […]

SquidWeb updates 04.08.2020

New features and updates: Today: ToDo calendar view on today page Today: Search for social security ID and VAT ID KPI: Accounting KPI graph (Beta) Mail app: Function to transfer emails from one mailbox to the other. Mail app: HTML Signature Mail app: Added dates filter and improved paging Robots: Event cue can be filled […]

SquidWeb updates 28.07.2020

New features and updates: Mobile: Only due mail shown in mobile mailbox by default. Mobile: Status filter added to mailbox. Mobile: Appointments page legend has been improved. Vacation request PCI now fills in all crew member data to PCI. Vacation request 5 day limit removed Delivery notes: Time of upload is displayed in delivery note […]

SquidWeb updates 21.07.2020

New features and updates: Today : Search for phone number formatting is greatly improved. UserID and color is displayed in user profile. Crew planner: weekly view now available. Personal documents: document type filter added. Activities: ToDo ToDo Personal filter for HR users. Login: Monthly password update added. Contact person: call options added to row menu. […]

SquidWeb updates 14.07.2020

New features and updates: Projects: Active users in a project are displayed in project footer. Invoice: Invoice list can be filtered by total. Projects: Find the best person container. Projects: Log note when project crew item as been created. Mobile: Call client (contact on-site) contact from mobile app. Mailbox: Forward received emails (forwards emails of […]

SquidWeb updates: 07.07.2020

New features and updates: Claim management: New user right added to edit claim management. Search field content will now be added to URL. Forms: PDF’s can now be viewed inside a Form. Bank transfers: Manual bank transfers can now be created from Transfers page container menu. Crew Guide: Internal links are now accessible from the […]

SquidWeb updates: 30.06.2020

New features and updates: Invoices: Export supporting documents from invoice warning menu. Invoices: Document templates for Payment warnings 4 and 5. Mobile: Precall, checkin and checkout time matches current time. New flexible calculation variables added to system. New invoice exporting method for Portugal. Projects: New crew grading smiley. Edit credit line user role has been […]

SquidWeb updates: 17.06.2020

New features and updates: Mobile: Legend added to appointments page. Forms: Employee data sheet added. Forms: Operational instructions. Mobile: Hours are auto calculated after start, end or break time is added. PCI with “Has Changed” status are displayed in Crew Calendar. Fixes: Focus no longer jumps after time change in PCI. Crew with fixed contracts […]

SquidWeb updates: 04.06.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Mark e-mail as spam keyboard shortcut added. https://squidweb.info/mark-and-remove-spam-emails/ Receipts: Reject receipt status added. https://squidweb.info/reject-receipt/ Forms: Instruction type added. Staff contract documents: Download document added to document details container. Projects: Redesigned rates container. Forms: Automated Personal data sheet (Personnelstamblatt) for faster onboarding. Fixes: Bug: can not create new debtor account on […]

SquidWeb update: 12.05.2020

New features and updates: Employee list: Improved layout and formatting. Forms: Instruction type form added. Payrolls: “Pay payroll” function added to payroll container. Fixes: Payroll: status filter “design” duplicate removed. Export employee list fixed. Accounting: Receipt export fixed. Vacation and time account link to contact page is fixed.

SquidWeb updates: 21.04.2020

New features and updates: Mobile app: Crew can now upload their own expense reports. Mobile app: Vacation request can now be made via the app. Vacation requests management tools – new container added to Today page allowing users to respond to vacation requests. Forms: Videos can be embedded in form answers. Documents: Digital signatories (beta). […]

SquidWeb updates: 15.04.2020

New features and updates: Crew status added to project crews container. Crew external expense report. (https://squidweb.info/crew-expense-extern-report-desktop-squidweb/) Crew profile comment added. (https://squidweb.info/crew-profile-comment/) Mailbox: add new contact prompt added if email sender is unrecognized. Mailbox: auto assign SMS to a crew member is number matches a contact. Planning calendar Crew item pre call status indicator. (https://squidweb.info/planning-calendar-pre-call-status-indicator/) Accounting: […]

SquidWeb updates: 07.04.2020

New features and updates: Crew Planner: KPI crew and planning items are synced. Filter by crew added to project documents container. Filter by crew added to project crews container. Payroll notification email template types updated. (full details in wiki https://wiki.squidweb.info/index.php?title=Templates#Payrolls or contact support for info) Payrolls: Contract type filter added to payrolls container. Payrolls: Quota […]

SquidWeb updates: 31.03.2020

New features and updates: Projects: Emails can now be saved as request document. Forms: Exam or Test type added. Supplier receipts: partner projects filter. Planning calendar: Pre-call status of crew is now displayed in calendar. KPI project crews format and data display improvements. Mailbox: SMS from crew members are auto assigned. System alerts: company & […]

SquidWeb updates: 24.03.2020

New features and updates: Forms: Quiz type added. Forms: Participant signature type added. Contacts: “Default crew mode” option added for Client contacts. Fixes: “Unreleasing” a Bank transfer now creates an activity. Calculation error that creates a different of 0,01€ between invoices and project totals has been fixed. New mail templates save correctly. Crew statistics layout […]

SquidWeb updates: 17.03.2020

New features and updates: One tree – one crew counter. Public transit added to mobile app pre-call map service. Users page: Show total users in footer. Templates: Images can be added to SquidWeb signatures. Templates: Select between HTML or Text. Crew grade is now defined by grading average of digital sign off. Payrolls: Preview of […]

SquidWeb updates: 10.03.2020

  New features and updates: Function: Page to view and edit all functions. View for all users, edit mode only for SquidWeb Admins. Document Types: Page to view and edit all functions. View for all users, edit mode only for SquidWeb Admins. Squid Forms: Beta Version. Allows security check in for Spanish Projects and CrewCheck […]

SquidWeb updates 05.03.2020

New features and updates: Mailbox: Reply all function added. Fixes: PCI duplication feature fixed. Invoice number order fixed. Invoice rounds quantity correctly. Users could not add new items. Users could not create new locations. Accounting item can only be released if both accounts are set. Accounting list field sizes creased. Google doc templates fixed. Correct […]

SquidWeb updates 25.02.2020

New features and updates: Mobile: Pre-call map directs CM to the meeting point. Mobile: “Crew info” section added – documents can be uploaded for all crew to see in the app. Crew planner: Cancellations are now displayed. Crew statistics container name updated to “KPI Crew members graphs” KPI Crew members graphs added ContactPersonDetails page. Applications: […]

SquidWeb updates 12.02.2020

New features and updates: Statistic container for Crew members. (Located in the SidePanel of the Crew Planner, you will find all the crew member’s working statistics) KPI Project crew items (BETA). Payroll: Per diem is increased. Applications: Email container added. Accounting: improved accounting row size. Applications Rejection and Interview invitation emails added. Projects/Receipts: Icon will […]

SquidWeb update: 04.02.2020

New features and updates: Receipts: New receipts status added –  “rejected”. Crew Planner: Shifts below one hour are now displayed. Mailbox: HTML editor has been added to email templates. GUI: Dialogs may now be moved freely: **Click on the dialog’s title to move** System alerts: Payrolls can be opened directly from system alert. Accounting: Claim […]

SquidWeb update 29.01.2020

New features and updates: New crew tags can now be added and edited from crew profile containers. This features is available to all users with supervisor roles. (https://squidweb.info/add-and-edit-new-crew-tags/) Last received emails indicator in mail list header. Accountings: Contact accounts show in side panel. KPI Accounting – BETA. No vacation counted in payrolls for new function […]

SquidWeb update 22.01.2020

New features and updates: Vacancies and applications feature have been added. Mailbox now available on Mobile App (read only). Project: Group email can now be sent to all confirmed crew members from project menu. Bulk email tools: Group emails can also be sent from the Crew Planner, employees list and Mailbox list. (full details can […]

SquidWeb update 18.12.2019

New features and updates: Crew membership is now available on contact details page. Group emails can be sent from Crew Planner & Employees page. “Create client login” option is now available for crew type contacts. Email container added to contact person details page. (emails to an individual CM can be viewed) Mobile: Only the next […]

SquidWeb update 02.12.2019

New features and updates: Mail can now be assigned to closed projects. Supplier filter has been added to project details page header. Mobile: crew list is available for all crew members. Mobile: ‘Documents’ feature added to payroll page. Mobile: Crew member supplier is displayed in crew list. Planning Calendar: ‘Missing Crew or requested’ added to […]

SquidWeb update 19.11.2019

New features and updates: Activities: Filter added “All notes”. Mailbox: Auto response option added. Mailbox: Default font and text can now be set in Tenant Settings. Invoice & warning  email release dialog has been updated. Contact details container now links to the contact’s rate cards. Planning Calendar: “Waiting for clearance” filter added to Calendar. Shared […]

SquidWeb update 13.11.2019

 New features and updates: Crew comment field character limit extended Claim management “billing info” field character limit extended. Project Mail: New function “Add as order document”. SparetoFix is marked yellow in crew planner. SquidWeb speed and “timeouts” greatly improved. Invoices: “Export RZL Austria” export method added. Payrolls: New payroll details report “hours only” has been […]

SquidWeb update 06.11.2019

 New features and updates: Mailbox: New filters added (Branch & Text filters) Mailbox: “-not selected-” option added to assignment container. Mailbox: Forward with attachment. Mailbox: Side container with all emails. New German report form payroll details with plus and add on. Staff Contracts: Transfer contact’s time or vacation account to a new contract.   Fixes: […]

SquidWeb update 09.10.2019

   New features and updates: Full text search added to mailbox New project status added “Refused” Payroll category has been added to mailbox Payroll container totals have been updated Create a new project/receipt/invoice/payroll from an email- depending on which category it is assigned to: (These options may also be done by right clicking on the […]

SquidWeb update 18.09.2019

   New features and updates: Rate Card External comment field character limit has been extended New projects grid function – “Set all hours to 0” Create new project from directly from an email Mobile app: Contact info is now displayed for all crew members to planners Mobile app: Int Per diam are now included in […]

SquidWeb update 06.09.2019

    New features and updates: Project confirmation with accreditation report is now available (template setting available company settings) External Rate Card comment “Payment conditions” has been added Company filter is now ordered alphabetically Mailbox feature improvements: -Outgoing/send mail added -Branch filter added -Mailbox settings page added -Mailbox roles pages added Bug fixes: PM’s personal […]

SquidWeb update 30.08.2019

     New features and updates: “Mailbox” feature is now online! Activity is now added for digitally signed DNs DN container on Today page now displays PM name not number Document “trash” feature added Bug fixes: Project manager is displayed correctly in mobile app Projects without an assigned project manager will be correctly displayed in […]

SquidWeb update 20.08.2019

  New features and updates: “Help center” option added to main menu.  Visual mark for late refusal has been added to the Crew Planner. Multiple improvements and fixes made to the Accounting feature: –After an invoice or receipt is assigned the contact, a debit or credit account will be set. -An activity is automatically created […]

SquidWeb update 06.08.2019

New features and updates: System alerts: total in footer has been updated. “Accounting” feature is now live. Activities container text can now be copied with right click: Project accreditation information can now be included in Confirmation reports. Staff contract details container values can be deleted now.  Bug fixes: System alerts graph is now fixed. Create […]

SquidWeb update 30.07.2019

New features and updates: SquidWeb help center – squidweb.info is online! Documents: Uploaded documents can now be rotated. Contacts: Delete contact option added. (If user rights are assigned) Activities: text in the Activities container can now be copied.  Mailbox: Public Email folders within SquidWeb (Beta). Improvements to 3cx – crew member name added to incoming […]

SquidWeb Update 08.07.2019

New features and updates: “Accounts” feature added- access from main menu. Advance search options added to Today page search. Payrolls included as Today page search result option. Payrolls mobile: All Confirmed items are displayed to crew. Template documents: Formatting issues have been fixed Mobile: Improvements made to pre-call dialog for iPhone users. Fixed colors for […]

SquidWeb update 10.06.2019

New features and updates: Gender option “Diverse” added to person details container.  Mobile app: Push notifications have been added. Mobile app: Catering “Yes/No” must be selected. Mobile app: Break field name changed to make “Unpaid break” clearer. Mobile app: Page no longer jumps back to top after each Check-in/out Mobile app: PM rating system added. […]