mobiYou can update your profile picture at anytime from the profile section on your mobile app. Your profile picture must adhere to a certain guideline- similar to a passport photo its purpose is only to identify you to colleagues and teammates, so no sunglasses, group pictures or reveling poses please!

Any new upload you add will first be approved by the office before it becomes live on your profile, check out this video to show you exactly how to do it!

A request for vacation can be made from the appointments page on the mobile app.

To make a request select the first date of your proposed vacation on the appointments page and select the “vacation request” option from the bottom of the page. The Vacation Request dialog box will pop up and allow you chose an end date for the request. You may also request only half day vacation by selecting a Begin and End time in the request pop up.


If you usually work only Monday to Friday and you want to have two working weeks of vacation, make two requests, each from Monday till Friday.

Once a request has been made, the office staff will be notified and a response will be sent to you confirming or refusing your request.

Check out the video tutorial here:

The crew chief of any given project has access to extra features that help them organize and oversee the crew.

This video guide will show you how these features work, including how to access and process project documents, pre-call and check-in the crew using the QR scanner and check them out again when the job is done.


After a job is complete and the office staff have processed the hours, the crew member will be asked to confirm the working hours are correct, if they are not the mobile app can be used to refuse the payroll and request a review.

The accounting team can respond to any refusals with corrections or updates!

The SquidWeb mobile app allows crew members to review and respond to job requests, check-in and out of the work site, manage upcoming appointments and set block dates.

This video will guide crew members through how to use all these features and navigate the app throughout the process of accepting a job to checking-out.


Under Appointments calendar an overview of the Contract hours, Planned hours & Vacation Account can be seen for a better understanding of the monthly hours planning. In order to be able to visualize this information the following user rights need to be given: for Contract hours -> Staff Contract: Read Own, for Planned Hours -> Time account: Read Own (also under staff contract there must be set vacation account), for Vacation account: Read Own (also under staff contract there must be set vacation account).


SquidWeb is Progressive Web App (PWA) so you can access it directly through your internet browser. You can save the page to your desktop as a shortcut to allow you to access it instantly, anytime.

The SquidWeb mobile app shortcut can also be saved to your desktop by selecting “install squidweb mobile app” from the google menu – a useful tool for crew members, planners and clients alike.

All new mobile users must first be given an account within SquidWeb, this video will show you how to create an account for a crew member and send them the welcome link that will help them get started!

The welcome link contains a unique URL that is only valid for 24 hours, if the crew member misses this window, they can use the forgotten password feature to send themselves a new link.

Project delivery notes can be created, signed and sent digitally and 100% paper free!

The crew sign off feature allows the crew leader to enter the hours of all crew members and generate a PDF of the DN for the client to check. The client can then add a rating and sign with their finger before the crew leader sends the document back to the office.

Signed documents will arrive in the project documents container for planners for process and be visible in the Today page Delivery Note container.