New features and updates:

  • Service orders: open assigned project/crew by double click on label
  • Planning items: added text filter to search for clients and project name 
  • Service orders: show sum on footer, add change status modal 
  • Invoices: show service order container in invoice
  • Contact persons: show active persons by default 
  • Mailbox: refresh row menu after email is assigned to category 
  • App: show more signatory information, Person to sign, status, sign. order 
  • Person: added download photo function 
  • Tenant: copy duplicate templates and send list of duplicates by email to user 
  • Leads: leads upload also check for existing contacts 
  • Projects: added service order container 
  • RobotQueue: all robots to be executed will now be added to robot queue, triggered immediately or by execution time 
  • Live location: save check in/out position of cm/cc
  • RobotQueue: new page showing robot queue 


  • App: remove “not available” + “refusal” status during crew precall
  • Projects: fix error when duplicating crew item (which is already assigned to payroll
  • Payroll: fix error when setting payroll item as confirmed by accounting and worked hour is null
  • Crewplanner: fix that requested document skill is marked as confirmed skill even when document is still in requested 
  • Robots: fix that invoice type in invoice action is selected by default even when no type is selected
  • Claim management: fix that invoice of type templates are added to outstanding invoices sum 
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