New features and updates:

  • Projects: show context menu when right click on complete group row click
  • Projects: added bulk action “set to cancel”
  • Projects: improve row selection in bulk action and bugs fixed 
  • Receipts: added column int/ext/crews to assigned pci export
  • Robots: added email template selection in robotaction email
  • Tenantsettings: show company short name/ add company short name to new company modal
  • Usersettings: added test button to send message to mattermost account
  • Vacancies: improve wordpress vacancy sync to sync with updated document type data


  • Planning items: fix function filter
  • Staffcontract: fix issue that already deleted staff contract document prevents user from deleting staff contract
  • Shipping order DHL: fix special character causing issues creating labels 
  • Todo: fix that some todo that are assigned to a person wont open contact details on click
  • Quotes: fix that release flag is not set when releasing quote 
  • Quotes: fix that templates can not be selected when creating new quotes
  • Projects: fix that cursor get stuck at ‘+’ row when navigating through pci using arrow up/down
  • Projects: fix that status changes to Quote when project calculation is sent 
  • DHL shipping order: several improvements and bugs fixed 
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