mobiYou can update your profile picture at anytime from the profile section on your mobile app. Your profile picture must adhere to a certain guideline- similar to a passport photo its purpose is only to identify you to colleagues and teammates, so no sunglasses, group pictures or reveling poses please!

Any new upload you add will first be approved by the office before it becomes live on your profile, check out this video to show you exactly how to do it!

A request for vacation can be made from the appointments page on the mobile app.

To make a request select the first date of your proposed vacation on the appointments page and select the “vacation request” option from the bottom of the page. The Vacation Request dialog box will pop up and allow you chose an end date for the request. You may also request only half day vacation by selecting a Begin and End time in the request pop up.


If you usually work only Monday to Friday and you want to have two working weeks of vacation, make two requests, each from Monday till Friday.

Once a request has been made, the office staff will be notified and a response will be sent to you confirming or refusing your request.

Check out the video tutorial here:

Crew members can make a vacation request from the appointments page of the SquidWeb mobile app. Once the day is selected in the appointments calendar an option will appear at the bottom of the page to submit a vacation request.
Selecting “Request Vacation” will trigger the request dialog. The user can choose a period and which time of the day they want to request vacation time for. By default, the whole day (00:00-23:59) will be included in the request unless the crew member sets a specific time.

Once the request has been sent, it will be available in the “Vacation Request Container” on the SquidWeb desktop version Today page.
Right clicking on a request in this container will offer response options, selecting one of these options will trigger an email template, that should be set up in your templates page:

  • Reject – MSGVacationRequestReject template will be triggered, refusing the vacation – this template should include a reason.
  • Confirm – MSGVacationRequestConfirm template will be triggered, confirming the vacation has been granted
  • Confirm+PCI – MSGVacationRequestConfirmPCI template will be triggered, again confirming the request and also create a PCI in the vacation project.
  • Show Contact Person – Open the contact details page of the employee requesting the vacation.

Selecting the Confirm+PCI option will trigger an email dialog with additional options at the bottom to select the vacation project and confirm the PCI details.
The PCI section of the email dialog will be auto filled with the date and times requested by the employee but may be edited it needed.
The designated vacation project must be selected from the project field.

A “crew info” documents is a document that can be made available for all crew members to access via the mobile app.

To add  crew info document, navigate to the “Crew info mobile app” section in company settings and add a new document. The document can be uploaded as a file from your device or a URL link can be added if the document is stored online.

Once the document has been added in company setting and set to active, it will be available to download for crew members in their app under the Crew Info section:


This feature can be used for any document that needs to be viewed by all crew members in your team. A good example of this would be a crew guide, a document that is the same for all crew members and may need to be accessed at any time during their employment. This guide can be downloaded as a PDF at anytime if uploaded in the method descried above.

Mobile users can find a copy of their contract, view their monthly working hour values and download all of their personal documents via the app, this short guide will show you where these features can be found.


After a job is complete and the office staff have processed the hours, the crew member will be asked to confirm the working hours are correct, if they are not the mobile app can be used to refuse the payroll and request a review.

The accounting team can respond to any refusals with corrections or updates!