Some features in SquidWeb require you to grant permission for SquidWeb to access your Google account, but why do we need this access, and exactly what do we do with it?

SquidWeb only uses the access to your Google account to access or change information of items create from a SquidWeb feature – Template documents for example, allow you to generate a Google document of a pre-defined layout directly from SquidWeb, this document is created in Google documents and stored in your Google Drive, therefore SquidWeb requires permission to access these two features.
Allowing all requested permissions to your Google account will give SquidWeb the ability to use all its required features in connection with Google, those permissions are as follows:

  • Google Drive Access: Allows Squidweb to add or remove template documents and spreadsheets to your Google Drive.
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheet Access: Allows Squidweb to create template documents and spreadsheets from SquidWeb to your Google account.
  • Google Calendar Access: Allows Squidweb to create events from SquidWeb planning features to your Google calendar.
  • Apps Script projects: This allows SquidWeb to send PDFs from Google back into SquidWeb.

For full details on how these permissions are given in SquidWeb, see our short tutorial video here:


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