New features and updates:

  • Project crew items: set status to ongoing on digital confirmation
  • Projects: set project crews status to ‘confirmed’ when confirmation is sent 
  • Service orders: show net/gross in grid 
  • Sys alerts: merge login type/user filter
  • Applications: add status “Decision” 
  • Applications: show number of application in different status in footer 
  • Applications: fix text filter in URL
  • Robots Queue: auto refresh grid every 20 seconds
  • Mailbox: archived emails are marked with archived in FROM/TO/Subject


  • Google template: fix that rate items are not transferred to document 
  • Invoices: fix invoice export to google spreadsheet when text filter is used 
  • Robots: link todo to invoice (warnings) 
  • Receipts: fix removing pci from supplier invoice and refresh grid after remove 
  • Templates: fix that copied template is selected after copying 
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