New features and updates:

  • Today: Delete requested documents and hide deleted documents 
  • Documents: Add delete document menu
  • KPI Accounting: Columns sorted like in export, group budget 
  • Accounting: Delete accounting by accounting stack 
  • Accounting: A3 export for invoices, receipt
  • App: Show signed crew guide and crew leader guide in trainings
  • App: Possible to set *spare* to not needed after pre-call 
  • Projects: On spare activated set function from assigned rate 
  • Mailbox: Blacklist add person filter
  • Mailbox: Add activity when creating project, receipt from email
  • Mailbox: Set mail forwarding for personal mailboxes within SquidWeb


  • Request document: Permission a does not need to be set, mark as confirmed will set permission to ‘a’ 
  • Project: Fix confirmation / calculation error during creation for huge projects
  • Project: Assign email if project is created out of mailbox 
  • Aviso Austria: Fix missing crew members 
  • WordPress Application: several fixes 
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