New features and updates:

  • Robots: Add new event ‘allsigned’ – triggers when all signature are signed on document
  • Invoice: Added activity log when due date is changed + note
  • Mailbox: Added RVSP in google invitation emails
  • Mailbox: Added HTML format bar
  • Mailbox: Show number of draft emails
  • Mobile App: training page -new list order not completed, completed forms and documents (from tenant settings)
  • Accounting: Edit date/year in list
  • Forms: Limit input characters in form question parameter
  • Employee: Added new export “Export Employees for MoneyTransfer (JP)”


  • Mailbox: Autoresponder if there is no {{nextAvailableDate}} available, nothing will be shown instead of “invalid date”
  • Mobile App: Fix that personal data of project manager is shown instead of login data
  • Mobile App: Fix that delete project crew items are shown in project calendar
  • Unique ID: Fix that ID needs to be unique among all types (project, invoice, receipts…)
  • Projects: Deleted project crew item will not be shown in find the best person
  • Mailbox: Fix that search is not working
  • Robots: Attachment are now attached in email
  • Robot: Set invite date in action “assign to form”
  • Mailbox: Fix that selected company signature in template is not shown
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