New features and updates:

  • Statistic container for Crew members.
    (Located in the SidePanel of the Crew Planner, you will find all the crew member’s working statistics)
  • KPI Project crew items (BETA).
  • Payroll: Per diem is increased.
  • Applications: Email container added.
  • Accounting: improved accounting row size.
  • Applications Rejection and Interview invitation emails added.
  • Projects/Receipts: Icon will indicate if a PCI is assigned to a receipt.
  • Invoice and receipts SidePanel positioning and sizing improvements.


  • Delivery note is always attached to Email when released.
  • System Alerts: Open payroll direct from system alert.
  • Receipts: Period filter works on receipts list.
  • Accounting: Doubled creditor account items removed from KPI.
  • Payroll: Balance vacation is not recalculated in header.
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