New features and updates:

  • Login: default company role is required
  • Activity/Todo calendar: its possible to filter by login type/user groups 
  • Mailbox: allow separate emails by ‘,’ and ‘;’ when sending emails 
  • Payroll: split balance vacation in payroll export into different lexware account 


  • Location: fixed that set pin can not be set
  • Accounting: fixed that split accountings can not be released
  • App: fix that only projects from same tenant are shown in project list 
  • Today: fixed that click on open unconfirmed projects will show all projects instead of projects in status quote
  • Documents: fix error when deleting documents
  • Projects: fixed that contact is not set automatically when sending reports by email 
  • Invoice/Receipt: set export file name based on type and company name 
  • Document: fixed that wrong person is assigned to signatory 
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