New features and updates:

  • Crewplanner: add projectname to menu item open
  • Projects: improve performance when requesting/confirming jobs
  • Projects: show notication when membership crew exist for client during creation and using find the best person
  • Projects: new new status “Has been cancelled”
  • Planning items: add “All project crew item” filter
  • Todo activities: several improvements
  • Ratecards: show contact projects
  • Projects: add open all project emails in mailbox
  • Planning item: set focus and scroll to current date (or next available date) item


  • Contacts: fix that ID of contact disappear when changing tabs (project list)
  • Items: fix error when duplicating items 
  • Staff contracts: fix that staff contracts can be deleted even when documents are assigned
  • Todo calendar: fix open todos of category ‘project crew item’ 
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