New features and updates:

  • Plus Crew: New feature Plus Crew
  • Delivery note: Add crew count on report
  • Document: Possible to copy text in PDF document preview
  • Cost Center: Added feature Cost Center
  • Documents: Reject requested document and request document again
  • Payrolls: Added a3 work calendar and part-time export
  • Payrolls: Added additional contract info tabs to A3 joining list export
  • Projects: Copy rate card ext. comment to project ext. comment on new project setup (if set in company settings)
  • Supplier Receipts: Export assigned PCIs to google spreadsheet
  • App: Show requested document type and description in different language if set in document type


  • Staff Contract: Fix that staff contracts can not be loaded when person is not selected
  • Mobile app: Fix that house number is not shown in profile
  • Payrolls: Fixed divided by zero in payrolls a3 export
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