New features and updates:

  • Companysettings: added rate card attachments which can be attached to rate card emails
  • Accounting: improved text search
  • Search: extended global search on more pages (including Email, Accounting etc)
  • Rate cards: add rate card attachments to email message when added in company settings


  • Mailboxes: fix that attachment container is not visible even when attachment exists
  • Employees: fix nationality employee export list
  • Projects: fix flter by crew id during DN upload
  • Payrolls: fix that payroll of employee could not be created when contract starts mid month
  • Mailboxes: fix that e-mail message is not loaded correctly (doesn’t match with selected e-mail in list)
  • Email: bulk email will sent to all email addresses entered in persons/contacts email (separeted by comma, semicolon
  • Projects: fix that ratecard ext. comment is not copied to project ext. comment when company is preselected in new project modal
  • Payrolls: fix empty codigo on a3 payroll export
  • Social security registration: improved/fixed auto creation of social security registration when uploading document
  • Accountings: fixed that allowance account is assigned to payroll payment 
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