New features and updates:

  • Mobile: Only due mail shown in mobile mailbox by default.
  • Mobile: Status filter added to mailbox.
  • Mobile: Appointments page legend has been improved.
  • Vacation request PCI now fills in all crew member data to PCI.
  • Vacation request 5 day limit removed
  • Delivery notes: Time of upload is displayed in delivery note container (mouse over date column).
  • Activities: Personal ToDo ToDo’s filter added.


  • Invoices: “amount cannot be zero” bug has been removed.
  • Internal SMS alert system fixed.
  • Mobile: “Pre-call” spelling correction.
  • Mobile: Mailbox timestamp is fixed.
  • Projects: email client mark no longer opens in an external client.
  • Accounting: KPI accounting SidePanel was not displaying anything.
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