An Email can be marked as spam in the Mailbox by selecting it and simply pressing CRTL + X.
The email content field will be automatically updated to “SPAM” and the status will be set to “Deleted” once the mail is marked as SPAM, it will also disappear after the page is refreshed so no further action is needed.

Select the Type cell on the far left of the mail and press CTRL+ x OR right click on it and select “Mark as spam”:

If you want to access an email that has already been marked as SPAM, select the “deleted” status from the status filter to view all deleted emails.


  • Select the type cell on the far left of the inbox email row
  • Press CTRL+X OR right click and select “Mark as spam”
  • Email will status will be changed to Deleted
  • Email content field in the “email assignment” container will be updated to Spam
  • Refresh the page and the email will be gone
  • View deleted status email to access an email accidentally marked as spam
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