The crew profile comment field is located at the bottom of the crew profile container. Any information added to the crew profile comment will be displayed in the crew member details card in the mobile app for colleagues and clients to read.

This can be used to showcase the crew member’s functions, company trainings or any other qualifications they may have in order to give the client or crew leader an idea of whom the crew member is at a glance:

[The crew profile comment field as shown in the crew profile container in the crew calendar]

[The crew profile comment displayed in mobile app when the user selects the crew member from the crew list]

Update the crew comment
This field should be updated periodically by office staff after each meeting. It is important that this field is updated regularly as the crew member progresses and learns new skills to keep the clients and other crew members up to date on any new information.
The field can be edited or added to at any time from the crew profile container.

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